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We have evolved through continuous growth in customer numbers and turnover, by diversifying our services. In 2017, AutomationCenter has signed a collaboration agreement with TECHMAN ROBOT Inc., a collaborative robot maker, the world's best cuboids currently on the market. The Techman brand name combines the two words "Technology" and "Om". The vision is to apply technology to improve and enrich human life, which implies defining the collaborative robot - people who work in the man-machine collaboration on the production line, away from the dirty, dangerous and stressful working environment of the industry and to a great extent production efficiency. While the world is at the forefront of 4.0 industry, we are focusing on improving automation development, hoping that collaborative robots can become a good tool in this new age, and create endless potentials for the world.

Our team

The company's group is in continuous development, why? As we tend to send our employees to as many specialized trainings as possible in Western Europe and Asian countries, so we are convinced that we are able to meet all the needs of our customers. In the long run, we try to make a habit of self-indulgence, this is possible within our company because every employee tends to perform their performances from one day to the next. How do we see things? Every request, be it simple or complex, is treated seriously, this way of doing things we want to be our business card for all current and future clients.

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