The AutomationCenter team offers solutions for professionals but also the necessary support for those who want to become professionals. Each customer is treated separately, the optimal solution occurs when the dialogue between the parties becomes well understood

Professionalism - we managed to make professionalism a habit and then he was and is our business card. These are either Sensors, Swings, Automation or Mechanical processing, we will be present with a solution. Our accumulated experience helps us to offer a quick, reliable and lasting solution. Satisfaction occurs when the customer evolves through us because it confirms the quality of the services we offer

A solution on our part is the correct demand from you. You have our support in making this supply/demand process as fluid as possible.


How do we do that?

The key factor is EVOLUTION, a process through which we have passed and we are still going, the process through which we want to guide you, is not easy, but the satisfactions are in place.



Evolution + Professionalism means you get where you want. production totals these two aspects and is reflected in the results that do not delay to appear. Increasing production brings inevitably: financial strength, stability, trust for the company and for the staff employed the possibility of growth and training correct, stable and efficient workplace. The sum of the three factors is the key to success, the key that we have.

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